Christmas Carol Concert

This week at Nursery we had a Christmas Carol Concert. The children at Nursery have been practicing very hard, learning new songs to sing for their families and loved ones. They have all been very excited and have worked very hard – alongside one of the teachers from ‘big’ school who helped them practice. They all showed an eagerness to learn and help others and they really enjoyed themselves along the way.

On the day everybody did an amazing job, the children’s singing was sensational and you could see they had been practicing very hard. We hope that everybody enjoyed themselves as much as we did and thank you all for coming to support us and watch.

Sorry there are no pictures yet, we are unable to upload them. Hopefully they will be up soon.

Cold and Frosty

Over the past couple of weeks the children have been engaging in activities such as:

  • Playdough with glitter.
  • Threading with large, medium and small beads.
  • Inventing new potions in the mud kitchen.
  • Engaging in role play games such as – paw patrol and going on a train.
  • Making Christmas cards for loved ones.
  • Water play outside in the grass garden – experimenting with pouring, scooping and transporting.
  • Digging in the gravel area – using builders tools, wheelbarrows and the cement mixer.
  • Going up to ‘big’ school in the infant playground – practicing our bike and scooter skills.
  • Making collage pictures of Christmas figures.
  • Bubbles outside – trying to catch them.
  • Reading Christmas stories.
  • Large scale drawing on the large whiteboard – sharing pens, drawing together and creating things from experience or imagination.
  • Obstacle course outside using tyres, logs and stepping stones – practicing physical skills.
  • Using blocks to create structures – working together as a team.
  • Bubbles and boats in the water tub outside.
  • Number puzzles.
  • Painting pictures – using different sized brushes and experimenting mixing colours.
  • Making snow flake pictures – practicing using the scissors to cut them out then sprinkling glitter on them to make them magical.
  • Practicing for our Carol concert – practicing singing all the words and making sure we were nice and loud.

Sorry there are no picture this week, unfortunately we are unable to upload them. Hopefully they will be on shortly.

Christmas is coming

At Nursery this week, we have been getting ready for Christmas. The children have all been engaging in Christmas activities, such as:

  • Making Christmas stars – using glue, sequins and glitter to make patterns and decorations.
  • Threading – using pipe cleaners and small beads, carefully threading them using their pincer grip and developing fine motor skills.
  • Singing – a teacher from ‘big’ school came down to practice singing Christmas carols ready for the Nursery Christmas carol concert. The children all enjoyed signing while the teacher played the guitar.
  • Glittery playdough – the children all made some new playdough with glitter in it, they practiced squeezing, moulding and shaping the playdough using different techniques.
  • Role play games in the home corner – using familiar objects to re-create experiences and re-enacting what adults do.
  • Small world cars, garage, train track and farmyard.
  • Jigsaw puzzles – matching pieces together.
  • Large scale painting – using different tools and techniques to create different patterns and effects.
  • Outside – we put washing up liquid in the puddles – the children used brushes and scoops to make more bubbles and transport them.
  • Cheeky elves – the children all heard a jiggling noise in Nursery one day – they guessed what could have made the noise “I think it was father Christmas!” “I think it was some elves.” “maybe father Christmas is dropping the presents off?” Some Elves had visited the Nursery and spread snow all around outside. The children thought this was amazing and loved talking and exploring in the snow.

We hope everybody has a lovely weekend.


Rocket Ships

In Nursery we are continuing to focus on light and dark, so this week we have been reading stories linking to this, such as ‘The way back home’ and ‘How to catch a star’ by Oliver Jeffers and other stories such as ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Owl Babies’. The children all really loved the stories and particularly liked the ones that had rockets in them, “I want to make my own rocket that looks like the big red one in the story.” Everybody wanted to make their own rockets, so we gathered materials that would be useful and started making. They used different materials to make the different parts of their rockets and counting out pieces they need. Everybody worked very hard – using different materials and manipulating them to create the desired effect. They were all very proud of their creations.

This week we have also been engaging in activities such as:

  • Water play outside in the sandpits – using tools to pour, transport and squirt water.
  • Obstacle courses outside – using tyres and planks of wood to practice balancing.
  • Bug hunting – looking for different insects in the garden, the children found a lady bird on a tyre, they showed care and concern and also talked to one another about it. “I wonder what they eat.” “we have to look after the little lady bird!” “I think it lives on the leaves.”
  • Finger painting – using their fingers and small cars to create different effects and experiment with the paints and the different colours.
  • Using pots and pans in the mud kitchen to make drums and other instruments, making a musical band.
  • One of the teachers from the ‘big’ school came down to Nursery to sing some songs with us. The teacher played the guitar and all the children really enjoyed singing along to it.
  • Junk modelling in the gazeebo outside – creating objects from experience and imagination.
  • The children also all went on a mission to deliver cakes to the school ready for the cake sale. They carried the cakes very carefully, then when they had done their job they went into the infant playground and rode on the bikes and scooters.
  • Space playdough – using different tools to create effects and using our hands to manipulate and mold the playdough.

What would your rocket look like?

Water Play

This week at Nursery the children have all been engaging in a lot of water based activities. For example, having soapy water outside on the playground and using brushes to brush the water, water in the mud kitchen, experimenting with measuring and pouring, we then extended this activity by adding powder paints so all the children could experiment mixing the colours together and the natural resources.

Other activities that the children have all been engaged in are:

  • Small world cars and garage outside – experimenting with which cars go faster and which go slower.
  • Painting stars – using black card and glitter the children made twinkly stars for our outside night time display.
  • Playdough – grey playdough with glitter – everyone has been practicing fine motor skills, squeezing, rolling and moulding the playdough – also using rolling pins, cutters and scissors to create objects from their experiences and imaginations.
  • Peg boards and pegs – practicing using their pincer grips to hold the pegs and place them.
  • Outside – obstacle course – using large tyres, logs and blocks to make an obstacle course – the children working together as a team, communicating and sharing ideas.
  • Reading stories independently and with friends.
  • Going for walks up to the big school – walking through and around the school, saying hello to familiar people and learning about the different areas. “I can see my big sister.” “That’s the teacher in Class R isn’t it.”
  • Number puzzles – matching numeral and quantity.
  • Nocturnal animals pictures – because we have been learning about light and dark, we have now started to look at what animals come out at night and what animals come out in the day. So the children learnt about what animals come out at night, then we all made observational pictures of them so we can make a light and dark display.
  • Watching and joining in with the Barefoot Books songs and rhymes.
  • Bug hunting – the children were all curious as to what insects were at Nursery so we all went on a bug hunt. “Look iv found a worm family – there is the daddy one because it is really big, that’s the mummy one and here’s the baby one because its really small.”

What a busy week!


This week at Nursery we have been focusing on Diwali, at the beginning of the week we read some fact stories about Diwali and why it is celebrated. We then made some activities focused around Diwali.  For example,

  • Painting activity – drawing around their hands then painting patterns on them.
  • Making Rangoli patterns – using sequins and glue to create patterns and symmetry.
  • Diwali dressing up – we put lots of colourful material in the home corner so the children could decorate the area and themselves, just like the Diwali tradition.
  • Outside using chalks we made large Rangoli patterns – experimenting with different shapes and marks.
  • Diwali dancing – a lady came into Nursery and taught everybody Diwali dancing. She showed us what moves there were, how to make them and what they signified. The children really enjoyed this, they especially enjoyed the part where they used scarves and ribbons to dance with.

As well as Diwali the children have also been interested in vehicles and maps. Outside they made a large scale map so they could push their cars along it, from memory they drew things that they knew were on maps and also on roads, such as, roundabouts and signs, they also knew that each road had to lead somewhere so they drew lots of different destinations on the map too, such as “swimming pool, park and shops.”. Another activity they engaged in was large scale chalking in the mud kitchen, they created a role play using the large logs  pretending it was their train, they made marks on the logs “this is a wheel.” “iv made the steering wheel for the train driver”.

Windy days

This week the children have been enjoying a range of different activities. On Monday it was really windy so the children all made their own kites, experimenting with different materials, what works well and what doesn’t. We also blew up loads of balloons and explored how they moved in the wind. “wow, its going up really high!” “the wind is so strong.” “my kite is like a bird.”

They have also been engaging in activities such as:

  • Role play shop keepers – making paper money to use in the till, re-enacting real life experiences.
  • Bike and scooters outside – practicing using the peddles and sharing with friends.
  • Number books – such as, 10 dancing dinosaurs, 10 little ducks.
  • Playdough – using different objects to create marks and effects.
  • Building structures using different shaped blocks.
  • Shape pictures – using smaller shapes to create different pictures.
  • Small lego – creating objects from experiences and imagination.
  • Small world train track, cars and garage and farmyard with animals.
  • Role play builders – using builders tools, sharing with friends and creating imaginative role play games.
  • Barefoot books – listening and watching barefoot books on the Ipads – singing along to the words.
  • Reading stories – both independently and with friends.
  • Mud kitchen – outside in the mud kitchen the children were exploring mixing powder paints and natural resources together. They made strawberry mud cupcakes and blueberry mud pancakes.
  • Clay in the gazebo – finding natural objects to put with the clay to make different sculptures and designs.
  • Peg boards – practicing fine motor skills.

We hope everybody has a lovely break over half term.